Profile: Paul - Khanįge, Kubla, Genghis, Munchkin,

I started my working career at Mercury Communications as a Computer Programmer. The job was more than just a code hacker, it included a lot of design, debugging, platform migrations for IT systems to support the telecommunications industry.

I worked on a VAX 11/780 running UNIX System 5, the original AT&T Labs operating system which ran Network Management systems to monitor, update, upgrade, collect event, performance and billing information ..........

One of the key problems my colleagues and myself repeatedly came across was the same questions being asked by different people. As new people joined they asked lots of questions that could only be answered with lots of detailed knowledge about the components of the network. But as people got better at their job, they got promoted and new people came in and started asking the same questions. My colleagues and I were aware of knowledge-based systems, but they were very unsophisticated and required a lot of processing power, which was expensive and no-one was willing to spend the money to implement such a thing even though it would increase productivity enable problem solving to become more accurate as assumptions and facts were refined with the solutions. This problem has continued up to today.

Fortunately since 1986 computer power has increased, search engines with advanced language analysis tools have become available, so now it is just a case of me putting all this information into a single place and stick a search engine in front of it. You may be thinking that the Internet already does this, and Google does it very well, if you are thinking this you are correct, however the amount of information available on the Internet is so vast and often commercially biased that it is becoming less useful.

Increasing this website, I have tried to break information down into subject areas to allow more focused queries. So it may not be useful to everyone for this reason, but it will help the people that ask me things.