Web Site Development information!

Just for the record I am no web development Guru, but I was once a very good C/UNIX developer. I wrote code for Mercury Communications later to become C&W.

I am in the process of teaching myself the basics of Perl, PHP, ASP, .Net, FrontPage, MySQL plus various other web components. In this section of my website I am compiling useful information that I can direct people to when they ask for help. So help yourself to code or tips, but do not remove and author information that I have left in from code that I have borrowed, as the author deserves the credit.

I created a game using Flash MX and a copy of Dummies Guide to Flash. I spent 2 days scanning the book and then 3 hours to create the simple drag and drop game here. From my experience I highly recommend Flash as a way to create impressive animation quickly and easily. My Game

To make sales more interesting, the Team Leaders were forever trying new and innovative ways of enthusing the sales people into selling more. I volunteered to create a dynamic web page to display the scores of two teams. I did this using ASP code to create a dynamic web page that uses ASP to generate set table parameters based on information read from a file. Click here to see the page and the code.

To restrict access to certain pages I have used some simple ASP code with cookies click here to view. the secured page and here to view the unsecured page.

First create a cookie then retrieve the cookie  Create flagfile

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